for a better life

for a better life

Healthy body, healthy mind


Everybody needs a Julia Daley. I honestly don’t know where my family would be without you. You’ve helped so many of us that I’ve lost count.

You took us from the depths of dark mental health issues, family crisis’s, anxiety, panic and fear and showed us anything is possible with your help. You picked us up, dusted us off and nudged us all forwards.

We are all doing far better than I ever thought possible. And that is all thanks you and your miracles. You are our light at the end of the tunnel. And our safety net.

Can’t thank you enough,

Kirsten from Bromley

My daughter’s anxiety disorder came on very rapidly.  We went to a clinical psychotherapist but she was not very keen so after 2 sessions she gave up.  A friend recommended Julia and I must say although was initially very sceptical about a hypnotherapist my daughter formed an immediate bond with her and things only improved from then.  She has now undergone a few sessions and is well on the road to recovery.  She has gone from a girl that would barely leave the house to somebody who is now looking to get a meaningful job.  I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Julia for anxiety disorders. 

Geri Curtis from Orpington

Julia has the most kind, loving energy, her positivity and amazing way to rewire someone’s thought process is truly remarkable. She has changed my life and helped me to become the best version of myself

E.F. from Bromley

This is a testimonial entirely heartfelt and gladly given! I knew that therapy was hard work, but after the first session with Julia, I knew I wasn’t alone with my problems. From the very start we established a real partnership based on trust. This enabled me to address my concerns and find strategies to deal with them. In just a few weeks I moved from a dark and difficult place where everything seemed far too difficult to deal with, to a much happier place where I can now treat each difficulty as a challenge to overcome. Don’t get me wrong, it still needs determination and resolve, but I now have renewed confidence in my ability to succeed. Thank you Julia!

C. B. from West Wickham

I found Julia via the Hypnotherapy directory website for South East London.

I booked the appointment as a result of being diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2012 and reaching the crucial 5 year post treatment and diagnoses. I had hit a wall in terms of being able to move on and the thoughts associated with this.

Julia put me as ease straight away. She asked what I wanted out of the hypnotherapy session and listened to my wishes and hypnotherapy needs. My first session was very helpful as Julia had given me some great visual aids to turn the scary negative thoughts – into very positive ones.

My 2nd session was equally as helpful. I have learned to use the visual and verbal techniques to help me get past my fears and worries.

Julia has really helped me considerably. She is realistic about your abilities and really makes you feel that you are being listened to.

I would recommend Julia as a hypnotherapist. She is reliable and is very good hypnotherapist.

C.P. from West Wickham

When I first saw Julia I was suffering from severe sleep problems and hadn’t slept at all for about a week.  Every time I tried to sleep I was suffering panic attacks and was absolutely exhausted.  After just one hypnotherapy session with Julia I started to sleep again and over the course of several sessions she helped me reprogram myself to sleep better and better.  As a result, Julia not only helped me resolve my sleeping issue but also helped me put good sleep habits in place for the future – I’m now a much better sleeper than I’ve ever been before and I’ve stopped clenching my jaw too. 

I found Julia’s warm, friendly manner put me at ease making me feel relaxed and comfortable in sessions with her.  Her non-judgmental and professional attitude made it very easy for me to trust her completely and be totally open and honest with her so that I could address and resolve my issues.  I can’t recommend Julia and hypnotherapy enough – she’s made such a difference to my sleeping habits and a positive impact on my life.

J.L. from Beckenham

Hypnotherapy might seem ‘iffy’, something of which one should be suspicious. It isn’t. Don’t be. I had always been weighed down by excessive worries and anxiety. Julia’s systematic application of hypnotherapy has had a transformative effect. Sessions are always a two-way conversation. Julia sets homework – that’s good – even if I don’t always do it. I wholeheartedly recommend Julia’s approach and work.

M.P. from Chislehurst

Julia was recommended to me to help with my daughter’s anxiety. We tried various avenues including regular counselling but were never really successful. I believe that due to the in depth consultation and Julia really listening to the issues my daughter was facing , she was able to understand what was going on with my daughter and therefore devise a strategy that really worked. We have only had 2 sessions and the difference has been amazing. We will know where to go in the future should we need more help. Thank you!

V H from New Addington

This is a testimonial heartfelt and gladly given! From the very start we established a real partnership based on trust. This enabled me to address my concerns and find strategies to deal with them. In a just a few weeks, I moved from a dark and difficult place where everything seemed far too difficult to deal with, to a much happier place where I now treat each difficulty as a challenge to overcome. Thank you Julia!

Clive H Ball from West Wickham

I have worked with Julia for the past 5 years, principally as personal trainer working with me to improve my fitness and stamina.

I have a high pressured job and found that the exercise through yoga and relaxation to be of a great benefit to me. Julia planned and we implemented a program that enabled me to relax and be better mentally prepared to meet the challenges in my working life.

Julia then moved into hypnotherapy, which we then combined with the yoga and the hypnotherapy. I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life, both professionally and personally. The combination of the exercise and the hypnotherapy helped me rebuild my self-confidence.

Julia also gave me exercises in the form of reminders that I could recite to myself in certain situations where I felt under stress. These sessions also helped with my insomnia being able to relax and switch off my ever racing mind.                 

 Julia is always positive and supportive and will go the extra mile in a caring and professional manner.

L.W. from Grove Park

I found Julia on google to help to reduce my alcohol intake & improve my self esteem. It was worth every penny, the atmosphere was positive & relaxing. I improved week by week & looked forward to our sessions. Julia taught me great techniques to help maintain the progress I have made. Highly recommended.

S.H. from Bromley area